When the garage man arrives this morning he looks at my tire and says “This is not good”. Yeah, like that wasn’t obvious yet. But it isn’t good at all. He can’t fix the tire, so I have to get a new one. The nearest tire shop is about 45 minutes away, so what we’ll do is fill my broken tire with air and see how far I can go. Fortunately I find a mobile pump in the back of my car, so I can pump it up again on the way if I need to. I call the tire shop and they tell me they can have the right tire for me around noon. Then I can call the rental company and they have good news: they cover the costs of a new tire. That is the reason why I almost always rent with Hertz. Their service is great and I’m glad that also this time they’re here for me.

Since I still have a couple of hours to wait I drive to a restaurant next to a river and sit down to have a coffee, check my email and update my blog. Even though yesterday was beautiful, I’m a little less excited now about the pictures of Sequoia National Park. I think it’ll all come back when I got my car fixed and ready to continue on the road trip again.