Olympic National Park

I continue driving up north very far. My first plan was to stop in Oregon, but it’s very cloudy there because of the wildfires. It amazes me how many fires there are in America these days. I can’t really remember that from previous trips. Fortunately they’re all far from me, but the smoke is evidently visible.
So I continue driving to Washington state where the sky is more blue again.


Olympic National Park

For the second time in two days I say goodbye to Darin’s family and start driving again. Today in the direction of Olympic National Park. I head West first back to my favorite road, Highway 101. I stop by one of the beaches, but after Secret Beach earlier this week the beach here fails to impress me a lot. I’ve noticed that I’m dealing with what I would call nature satisfaction. I remember that from my first trip in America. After having seen the most beautiful places the last couple of weeks it’s just harder to be impressed by new nature. It’s still great, but that wow-effect can wear off. At some point you can just get used to beautiful nature. Having that written and being aware of this fact, I enjoy the rest of the ride. Especially when the road goes by a big mountain lake.

At the beach I discover that I can’t find my favorite vest. For a moment I think it’s a bummer and then I have to laugh.