50.000 steps in Glacier National Park

Today is an exciting day, because I go on an adventure again. After visiting Montana many times in the last years I finally go to Glacier National Park, which is closed most of the year. Also now it’s not fully open yet. They’re still removing snow from the roads, but at least I can go visit. When I drive out of Helena, I can’t help but feeling sad. I know I’ll come back here tomorrow, but also that I’ll leave for a longer time at the end of the week. I thought about leaving here on Friday, but I now decide I’ll stay until Saturday. I am an experienced traveler, but still I’m not good in leaving people and places behind.

When I drive out of town and in the direction of the mountains, I turn on some music and start feeling better. I just can’t believe this journey is almost over. It has been five weeks now, but it sure feels a lot longer. I’ve seen so many beautiful places and met so many wonderful people.