Back at the Grand Canyon

In Arizona it’s one hour earlier, so I wake up somewhere in the middle of the night again. I try to go back to sleep, but I can’t and so I get dressed and start driving. Driving at night is peaceful, because you’re alone at the road. You also have to stay alert though, for deer and other animals. After about three hours driving I arrive at the Grand Canyon. For a moment I’m afraid that my expectations are so high from the last time that it might disappoint, but that is absolutely not the case. As soon as I see the canyon, I’m blown away again. The view of the Grand Canyon is so spectacular, you have to see it yourself.

When I arrive at the first view point there is only one guy there. His name is Mike and he came here hitchhiking. We talk with each other and then get the idea to do some rock climbing to the edge. Of course we are very careful. After climbing for about ten minutes we can’t go further and sit down to enjoy the view from the edge. It’s very quiet here. You only hear the strong wind going through the canyon. We stay here for a while before we hike back. Now there are more people at the view point and I’m glad we climbed down to enjoy the view from a quiet place. I say goodbye to Mike and drive to Grand Canyon Village to get breakfast. By now I’m very hungry, because I’ve been up for hours already.

I get some food at the park supermarket and eat it in my car. After having a very active day yesterday I feel like slowing down a bit and I drive to the visitor center to get a coffee. The visitor center is still closed and I realize it’s only a quarter to nine. I walk to another view point, but there are many people here. Somehow this place is more magnificent without people around you. I walk from the crowd again and take some more pictures. If you dare I would recommend climbing some rocks here (at your own risk of course) so you can enjoy the amazing view without other people around you.

Entering the Grand Canyon again after seven years
First taking a picture behind the fences
More crowded view point of the Grand Canyon
The Watchtower in the Grand Canyon
View from the Grand Canyon after hiking down a bit
Barnes and Nobles
First view of the Grand Canyon
Meeting Mike at the Grand Canyon
Starbucks inside Barnes and Nobles

I don’t stay much longer at the Grand Canyon, because I plan to come back here tomorrow, hopefully by train. Taking the train to the Grand Canyon is one of the things on my bucket list, so it would be nice to make that happen. I drive to a town called Flagstaff, which a friend recommended to visit. The town isn’t so big, but suddenly I see a large Barnes & Nobels, one of my favourite bookstores. They also have a Starbucks inside, so two of my favourite things at one place. I order a coffee and a blueberry scone and sit down with my laptop. It might sound strange, but after a few days in nature I also really enjoy being on my computer again. I’m contacting some friends, checking e-mail and writing my blog.

Later in the afternoon I drive to the town Williams where the Grand Canyon Train is. There are two very friendly guys at the information station. They tell me all there is to know about the area and where to go to for the train tickets. It’s just across the street where another friendly lady helps me further. I ask what the prices are for the train tomorrow and doubt for about half an hour, because it’s quite expensive. Taking the train to the Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list for a long time. At the end I decide that if I don’t do it, I’ll probably regret it later, so I book the train for tomorrow in combination with the Grand Canyon hotel.

Coffee, a blueberry scone and updating the blog on my laptop
Williams visitor center
Grand Canyon Hotel lobby fireplace
Friendly guys at Williams visitor center
Grand Canyon hotel swimming pool
Old Grand Canyon train in Williams
Grand Canyon hotel lobby
The dinner hall at the end of the night when most people have left

The hotel is really nice and has a swimming pool and a gym. Before I go for dinner I take a dive in the pool and get some exercise done. I feel a lot better after a swim and a shower. Dinner is great too, it’s a buffet and they cook it for you. I’m very happy to get some vegetables again. When you’re on a road trip in America, it can be challenging to get good food. Almost every journey inspires me to change something in my life. One of the things I take with me from this trip is that I really want to eat healthier when I’m back home. I’ve said that before, but after a few days without healthy food I really desire a lot of vegetables and I’m glad I get some this evening. In the restaurant an old man is playing guitar and singing songs about Jesus and life. It’s interesting. I prayed the other day that God would show Himself to me and here is this old man with a white beard singing worship songs. I don’t know how Good looks like, but tonight He looks like an old man with a white beard.

Old man playing guitar and singing in the dinner hall
Drinking whiskey with a new friend
Beautiful painting of the Grand Canyon

When the restaurant closes I thank the man for playing and singing and he asks me if I want to join him for a drink in the bar. Not much later we’re enjoying a nice whiskey together. This is one of the things I love about traveling, meeting great people along the way. I’m glad I booked the Grand Canyon hotel and train and am looking forward to the train ride to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.

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