Driving in Montana

I don’t know if it was the excitement of the long road trip or the lack of physical activity today, but somehow I can’t sleep. It’s quite annoying when you’re tired and cannot sleep. Fortunately that doesn’t happen often to me, but I don’t sleep much this night. Fortunately Starbucks opens at 5.00AM here and I’m in the Colorado timezone again, so it’s one hour later than on the west coast which makes the night an hour shorter anyway. I get up and start the day with catching up on e-mails and doing some work. It feels nice to catch up with things and being up to date again.

At noon I drive to Downtown Missoula. I can feel that I didn’t sleep much last night and decide that I’ll take it slow today. I walk into a running shoe store I Googled to find trail running shoes. I looked at some yesterday in Washington, but didn’t want to buy them there because they have sales tax and Montana doesn’t. I’m lucky today, because my first choice of shoes fit perfectly. I try some more, but the others don’t fit as well. I’m happy that I found some, now perhaps I can do some trail running in the coming days in Yellowstone National Park. I do some more shopping in town and then do some groceries. I figure that I need some Red Bull will I be able to accomplish something today. I don’t want to drive too far, but at least to a next town. Everything I drive today I don’t have to do tomorrow and that will help me get to Yellowstone earlier. While driving I pass by a Wendy’s restaurant and I realize I haven’t eaten there yet on this trip. I search in the navigation system for a Wendy’s in the next town and decide to stay there for the night. After Mc Donalds, Walmart and Starbucks I can now add Wendy’s to my preferred campsites. The fast food is nice and cheap and their internet decent, all with all a good place to stay for the night.

Camping at Starbucks
Breakfast from a local bakery
My favourite book store
Courthouse Missoula
Shopping at a running shoes store
Red Bull for on the road
Downtown Missoula
Some shopping at Best Buy
Driving in Montana

I arrive there just before six, perfect timing for dinner and it’s nice that I don’t drive tonight, but that I can stay inside my mobile home to watch some movies or series. The internet reaches in my car so I can watch Netflix tonight, so I’m provided with all basic needs today. I watch the Garfield cartoon series as I did with the kids in Olympia, it’s very funny. After that I watch a movie. It’s nice, when you have internet and movies and series, the car is more like a real home, you can forget that you’re traveling for a while. There is a Starbucks around the corner here, so I think I’ll start the day tomorrow as I did today. First a bit of blogging and work and then more traveling. I’m only a few hours away from Yellowstone now, so I think I’ll arrive there tomorrow or Wednesday.

Happy driver
Watching Garfield


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