Crossing bridges

When I look out of the window of my hotel room this morning I see blue skies and palm trees. I can’t say too often how much I love San Diego. I think it’s my favorite city in the world now. It’s true what they say, life is better by the ocean. If I had more money and there were no rules about how long you can stay here, I would probably be living here for a while longer. Who knows, the year just started and I can always come back here. For now I don’t have to worry about that, because I’m still here and I love it. After a swim and breakfast I walk to Starbucks to get coffee and then return to my hotel room for work. I work until the beginning of the afternoon when I’m done with what I had planned for today.
Yesterday in the bus I saw a high wooden bridge, close to Balboa park and I want to check it out. Fortunately I took a screenshot of Google Maps when we drove by it, so it’s not too hard to find back. The bridge is very pretty and crosses over a valley between two streets. In the distance I see an old man walking at the end of the bridge and somehow it seems like a metaphor for life. Optimistically speaking I’m at about a third of my journey in life, while that old man is probably close to the end. I decide to sit down half way the bridge in the sun to read a book. I sit there for a while as another man with his grandson walks by, talking about a suspending bridge, one with cables. I ask him and he says it’s just a few blocks further at the next valley. I walkt that way to check it out and it’s a cool bridge as well. A bit shorter, but also high and moving as you walk on it, because it’s handing on cables. Under the bridge is a hiking path in the valley which I climb down on. It’s a nice mini adventure and leads to a whole different neighborhood. I find it fascinating that there is so much height difference in San Diego, because there a many hills and valleys in the city. I enjoy discovering a bit more every day.
As I walk back in the direction of the hotel I have again a deep appreciation of being here. Walking with my face in the sun, smelling the fresh air and hearing an American train in the distance. It’s almost like a dream, I love it. The other day someone wrote on my Facebook page how I’m shining in the pictures when I’m traveling and I think it’s true. Traveling like this can be challenging sometimes when figuring out where to stay and how you’re gonna afford it all, but it also makes you feel alive. It’s living an adventure.
I end the day with a scooter ride and try a different brand this time, Lime scooters. That turns out to be quite disappointing. So far I’ve always been riding on the Bird scooters which work great and easy as you expect. The Lime app is a quite confusing and the scooter automatically slows down and shuts off in some areas and it’s a long struggle to find an approved parking place. I will from now on stay away from the line green scooters and go with Bird scooters, they’re a lot easier. Also here is a link for a free ride with Bird scooters . I end up about 20 minutes walking from the hotel when I find a spot where I can park and there is WiFi to check out. The scooter ride was way also overpriced, but I decide to not let it steal the magic of the day and happily walk back, reaching my steps goal of the day. It’s good to try new things, also when they go different than planned. Luckily, later I receive an e-mail from them that I get my money back due toe the issues with the app, so it didn’t cost me anything. The sun is already set when I walk back to the hotel, but the sky is beautiful blue and orange behind the silhouettes of palm trees. It’s another great day in San Diego.

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