Another relaxed day in San Diego

This morning I pack my bags again. It’s a lot easier with an extra suitcase, so I’m done packing quite fast. The plan is to drive to Yosemite National Park tomorrow and stay there for two days. I also do work after packing, call with my family and go outside just after noon. As usual it’s a beautiful bright day again. Even though that’s normal here in Southern California, I won’t take it for granted and appreciate it every day.
I don’t take my laptop with me today, because I want to spend some creative time. Working a bit more on my bullet journal. Just like back home I have chosen some coffee places here for work and other for relaxing. I go to one in the last category where they recognize me from last time. It’s nice when they happens. I stay for a while and then decide to walk to Barnes and Noble again. Not to buy new books, but just to check in on the elderly lady that works there. It also gives me a good goal for walking, because it’s about an hour away by foot. I feel like walking such distances is not very common here, because people go mainly everywhere by car, but I find it quite relaxing. It’s hard to complain if you walk in a t-shirt and shorts in the sun while it’s winter. I have a nice chat with the bookstore lady, who’s name is Kim by the way, and talk with her about my traveling. After catching up with her I browse the store, but for a change leave the place without buying anything. Not sure about what to do next, I go back to my hotel and celebrate my last night here with pizza. I hope that by the time I go back to the Netherlands that the gyms will be open again, because I feel like I might need to work out quite a bit to get back in shape. It helps that I walk a lot here and some hiking in the coming days will probably also be healthy.


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