Road trip to Zion

I believe that life is often more about the journey than the destination, but today’s roadtrip is the other way around. I have decided to go to Zion national Park in Utah, because I think will regret it if I don’t go there. It’s a long drive of about eight hours. After I’ve packed all my stuff and say goodbye to the birds, I start driving. For a moment I’m sad to leave the happy house with all the animals, but soon the excitement of the road trip kicks in. The first half of the route goes through the dessert via Las Vegas. I have no desire to stop there, so I just keep driving. It amazes me how large the dessert is. There is nothing for many miles, just the long interstate highway. I listen to some podcasts to keep myself entertained. After about six hours driving I see the sign ‘Welcome in Arizona’ and the scenery gets more interesting. Slowly there are more and more red rocks showing up. Soon I’m entering Utah and the scenery keeps getting more and more beautiful. I remember the first time I drove into Utah many years ago, and how impressed I was by seeing those red rock. I have the same experience today, it’s just so beautiful and impressive to see. I take some pictures while driving, because there are not many opportunities to stop at the interstate and I also want to try to get to the town of Springdale next to Zion National Park before dark. I arrive there just when it’s dark, after about eight hours driving including two short breaks. I’m very tired and go online to book a hotel. I find a really nice one that’s also very affordable, Hampton Inn. When I’m walking in there I’m greeted by a very friendly lady who checks me in and shows me some restaurant options for dinner on the map. I love it when they welcome you very friendly at an hotel, especially when you’re tired at the end of the day. I ask her about outdoor stores in town, because I had read that you might need some micro spikes under your shoes when hiking in Zion, because it’s icy this season. Most stores are already closed, but there is one that might still be open. I quickly drive to the other side of town to that store. When I arrive it looks already closed and for a moment I’m disappointed. Then I look inside and see that there are still people. I walk in and a guy tells me that they’re gonna close in a few minutes. I buy the micro spikes and thank for the service. As I drive away the lights in the store go off, I was just in time. For the so maniest time I’m thankful that things usually always work out for me. I drive back to the hotel and walk to a restaurant that the lady had recommended me. There are only few street lights in the town and when I look up I see countless stars. It’s a bright sky and quite chilly outside, but it’s very beautiful. The restaurant is nice and I get a huge burger, some fries and a cold beer. It was a long drive today, but I’m really glad that I made it. It’s beautiful to see the red rocks again and I’m excited to go hiking here.

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