Driving til sunset and then some

This morning I’m doubting a bit again about where to go next. This is one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed. I love those big lodge hotels, especially when they have a fireplace, and consider staying here for another day. The thing is only that there is not so much to do in this town in the winter. I’ve had an amazing hike yesterday and could spend another day in Bryce, but I’m not sure if that would add much. There are some national parks that I haven’t seen yet within a few hours driving distance, like Capitol Reef and Canyonlands. When I look at the pictures I see that they’re mainly also a lot of red rocks so again I’m not sure if it that would be a great new experience after Zion and Bryce. After I check out at the hotel, I sit down again by the fireplace and look at the map searching for direction. There are so many directions to go and I ask myself what I would like to see the most. I know that the Answer is the Grand Tetons. It’s a 9 hour drive which will mean that I arrive there in the dark. I think about it for a long time, but then decide to do it. I fill up my car with gas at the gas station across the street and start the long road trip. Just a few minutes out of town it starts to get cloudy and snowing a bit. I question myself again if I really want to do this, but my mind is set and so I keep going. Fortunately it clears up after a while again and there a beautiful views of the mountains. Halfway the afternoon I stop for gas and a quick snack and then I keep going, because I want to get as far as possible before sunset. Eventually the sun sets and I continue driving in the dark. The road gets icier as well and it’s starting to feel like a real adventure. I don’t like driving in the dark too much, but I want to reach the town of Jackson next to Grand Tetons National Park tonight, so I won’t have to do any driving anymore tomorrow. Besides, I also don’t have much choice at this point, because there are only little towns here and no place to stay. I think back of a road trip in the dark in New Zealand that I did years ago and use the same strategy as I did back then. I follow the trucks and stay behind them. I think that’s the safest way to drive at night, especially at these icy roads. While driving I listen to some funny podcasts to keep my mind happy and to distract myself a bit from the challenging drive. I’m surprised that I’m not tired after more than 8 hours driving, but I think it’s the adrenaline. I see on the dashboard that it’s zero degrees Fahrenheit and I’m guessing that’s somewhere around minus twenty in Celsius. So it’s very cold outside. Around 10pm I finally arrive in Jackson ad I’m really glad that I made it. The drive was longer than expected, but that was also because I had to drive slower in this winter weather. I find a very nice hotel, again a big lodge. When I see the room with a huge king size bed I’m absolute happy. It was a long and challenging drive, but I made it and now it’s time to relax in this mountain town. Tomorrow I’ll take a day off from driving and just enjoy being here.

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