Starting the day with a hike and ending the day with pizza

This morning I ask Brittany if she’s up for an early hike and that turns out to be a great idea. It’s still cool outside at this time of the day and we drive to a nature area just out of the city. I still have to get more in shape or my body is still a tired from the long flight and jet lag. Either way, I struggle a bit with climbing some hills, but it’s absolutely worth it. About half way the hike is a little canyon. It’s super narrow and I have to walk sideways to get through it. It’s really cool to see the canyon walls and climb through them. When we’re back up at the hill, the sun is getting through the clouds and the temperature is getting higher rapidly. We get back to the car and to the town of Encinitas. There is one of my favorite coffee places of the area called Pannikin. I enjoy a nice cappuccino and big cinnamon roll. A good reward for the hike. The sun is fully out now, but in the shade it’s very comfortable. I’m thankful for how I can enjoy something simple as coffee and a pastry. Just sitting at this coffee place is very relaxing.
On our way home we stop by another Barnes and Noble bookstore and do some more shopping. The rest of the day Brittany has other appointments and I go out in the city by myself. I stop at a few phone stores to get a prepaid simcard to be able to go online during the roadtrip. I end up with a good deal from ATT, It seems that they’re good choice if you need a prepaid plan when you’re traveling in America. I walk a bit further through downtown and then get a Bird scooter to ride to Little Italy to pick up a pizza for dinner tonight. I remember from last time that Mr. Moto makes the best pizza places I’ve had here in San Diego. I’m still a bit tired because of the jet lag, so I relax in the evening with watching a fun tv show and a pizza. No matter where I am in the world, that’s always a nice thing to do.

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