Montana to Idaho

On Thursday it’s finally time to continue traveling. The last weeks of the adventure have started and it’s time to head back towards California. In the morning I have breakfast with grandma and Josh and he also makes me a delicious smoothie for on the road. Yesterday I had told them I’d leave around 8am, but of course I stay a bit longer and about 9am I say goodbye to grandma with a big hug and start driving out of town. I drive for three hours straight without any music on. I just sit in the car and think of the wonderful days we had together. I’m glad that I spent the biggest part of the vacation to be with my grandma. In my mind I go over all the fun things we did together and how I’m thankful for it all. I’m not sure when I can come back, but I surely hope I can come back next year.
When you drive from Montana to Idaho, the beautiful mountains slowly give space to outstretched fields, almost a bit desert like landscape. I really wonder why my friends decided to move here of all places. It would be one of the last places in America I’d want to live. But when I arrive at their house after about 8 hours driving, it’s great to see them again. Except for one of the children all of them are at home waiting for my arrival. After catching up for a few minutes we get back into their cars and drive to a fun pizza restaurant where you can order pizza with all the topics you’d like. The father of the family, Darin, goes all out and orders almost every topping on the menu and a lot of it. I keep it a bit simpler and go for a pepperoni pizza with a few extra toppings. It’s fun to see my friends again and it doesn’t feel like it has been a year since I’ve seen them, we continue right where we left of last summer. After dinner we drive back home, talk a bit more and I end the night with playing Mario games at the Wii with Jude and Eva. I’m not good at it since I haven’t played video games for a long time, but we have a lot of fun. Around 10pm I call it a day, because we’ve planned a fun outdoors day tomorrow and I’d like be at least a bit rested for that.

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