Yosemite National Park

After the usual struggle with packing the tent I drive to the nearby town to go online for a moment and post my blog. The sunrise over the nearby lake is beautiful and I text with a friend back home for a while. When he sends me photo of the cloudy weather in the Netherlands I instantly realize how I’m not missing that at all.
I drive into Yosemite park around 7am and there are no ranchers or lines of cars yet. It’s probably because in California time it’s only 6am, but I decided to stick to Montana time. The drive in the park is very beautiful with winding roads through the mountains. It’s longer than I remembered and I stop several times to take pictures.
While driving through the park I enjoy the scenery, but I also realize that it feels that my cup is full. I’ve had that experience before where I’ve done so many cool things that there is almost no room for new things for a while.
I park my car near a trail for a short hike and make myself some breakfast at the backside of the car. The hike goes via the lower Yosemite falls and is easy and pretty through the forest. I climb some rocks to the foot of the waterfall. Last time I was here I swam in the little lake at the bottom, but that was at the end of summer when the waterfall was just a small stream. Now it’s so big that it makes the rocks wet and slippery, so I decide not to climb all the way to the top. I already walked behind a waterfall a few days ago and what is cooler than that?
While hiking further I pass a viewing point where there is a sign telling about how John Muir once built a cabin at that spot and lived there for two years. I think about what a big adventurer he must have been and sit down for a while to enjoy the view. Perhaps my cup isn’t completely full yet, because I absolutely enjoy being out here in nature.
After the hike I drive to one of the highest points in Yosemite, Glacier Point. It gives a great view of the valley and several waterfalls. I see a rock that sticks out over the edge. Last time I was here I climbed on it, but there are so many people here today that I don’t want to make trouble and just stay nicely behind the fence. I do climb a few other rocks and sit down under a tree to read a bit and enjoy the view. I’m doubting a bit between staying in Yosemite longer or continue driving, but it’s so crowded that I decide the latter. I think it’s better to visit the national parks off-season when there are less people. I remember my time here two winters ago when there was almost no one in the park. I think that has my preference.
I drive further to Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks and find myself a nice free campsite at one of the side roads. While setting up my tent I hear classical music blaring through the forest and I enjoy it. When my tent is set up I walk towards the music and find another campsite with an old Asian man sitting in front of his tent. He’s not very talkative, but he tells me that he’s been hiking for four days and that this is his way to relax. I tell him I enjoy the music, wish him a good night and walk back to my side of the hill. I’m quite tired, so I go to bed early for a long night of sleep.

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