Driving from California to Utah

Matt and I start the day again at the coffee place just like yesterday. Doing a bit of work and I also do some road trip planning. I had the idea to go to Sedona, but I see on the weather forecast that there are thunderstorms and rain expected there for the coming days. So I keep looking and decide to go further North in the direction for Zion National Park. The other day on the Hollywood hike a guy showed me how to apply for a permit for the main trail in the park to Angels Landing. I’ll give that a try this morning at the coffee place. Because they (The National Park Service) don’t want too many people on the trail, they’ve made it a lottery and I should hear before the end of the day if I’m lucky enough to do the hike tomorrow.
When Matt takes off to go to the office, I quickly update my blog before I start driving. It’s only about six hours to Zion, so I think I can take it quite easy today.
The road out of California to Las Vegas is usually quite uneventful as it goes through dry desert land. I do enjoy being on the road again though. After a few hours driving I get hungry and all I see is a Mc Donalds, so I make that the first stop of the trip. I feel a bit unhealthy after having had my brunch there and plan on skipping the big yellow M for the coming time. There is also a gas station, so I fill up my car so I’m good to go for a long time again. I check my e-mail and see that I have won the lottery and got a permit to hike Angels Landing tomorrow. Happy with that knowledge I continue the roadtrip. After about six hours of driving I arrive in one of the last towns before Zion National Park and I drive to a hotel I found online. I don’t plan on staying at hotels too much on this trip as that can quickly become quite expensive, but tomorrow morning I have an online meeting with a client back home and therefore I thought it would be handy to have a hotel room with internet. I get some food at the local grocery and watch a movie to end the day. I’m only half an hour away from Zion National Park, so after the meeting and breakfast I can be there nicely on time for the hike.

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