Back to San Diego

I hear the ocean when I wake up. I put the alarm extra early, so I have time enough the pack my bags and can start driving on time. It’s about six and half hours to San Diego. I listen to an audiobook again, but sometimes turn it off to enjoy the last moments of the road trip.


Ending the adventure at the pacific ocean

This morning I’m not feeling so well. I think it’s a combination of the Japanese take-out food I had last night and the realisation that the adventure is over now. I don’t feel like getting up this morning and stay in bed for a while. I’m only an hour away from San Diego and my plan was to get a test there and stay in the city the last two days. But I don’t feel like ending this adventure yet.


Checking off a major bucket list item

It’s the first of the month and that means I have to work a few hours to do the administration. I’m thankful that I can be traveling and still do my work and make money while I’m here. Since the day of going home is getting closer, I also do some research about all the current rules. It’s quite depressing. Life here in America is so much better than in The Netherlands at the moment.


Driving to the Grand Canyon

When I wake up this morning and look outside the window, I see red rocks and a palm tree. I’m surely not in the cold north anymore. I miss Montana and the people that live there. The last thing I did yesterday before sleeping was to check flights for later this year.

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Living in the moment

One of the main lessons I’m learning on this trip is to be more in the moment. It’s so easy to be stuck in your mind and to miss what is right in front of you. I’m determined not to let that happen too much anymore. Especially now that I’m in Montana.