Fun days with the Huffords

When I’m at the Hufford’s house, I’m always treated as one of the family. We hang around at the house, eat together, play games and just have a fun time. I take care of the supply of ice cream and also cook a meal here and there. Even though the two oldest girls of the family have moved out to their own house last year, they still stop by every day to spend time with their family. Everyone here is really close with each other and that’s very nice.


Happy days with grandma

The days with grandma are always very relaxed, I’m quite at home at her place. In the mornings I work a few hours before she gets up and then we usually have breakfast together. Some days we go to the coffee place Vanilla Bean for breakfast, coffee or a game of Scrabble. Most evenings we watch our favorite comedy show ‘Last Man Standing’ until bedtime. The days fill themselves with several fun activities.


Visiting grandma

I wake up early, still feeling a bit tired from last night. Outside I can hear birds and squirrels around the tent. I go outside and break down my tent. Thankfully now at the third time I manage to pack the tent in one go. When the tent is in the bag I see a strip on the bottom of the back with the text “Remove to expand bag”. I laugh and wonder why I hadn’t noticed that before.


A day of catching up with friends

I wake up by the alarm at 5am, get dressed and drive to a local Starbucks to post a blog and check my e-mail. In the parking lot I enjoy my breakfast with a view of the mountains before I get go inside to get my coffee. There are friendly baristas and I talk with them for a while. One of the girls recommends me to go to Pikes Peak.



I hate goodbyes, I’m just not good at them. I know it’s better to talk positive, but that’s just as it is. This time it’s not me who travels around the world, but my sister who goes on an adventure. I find it awesome for her, but I’m receiving the other side of the coin I usually give to my family. Until now I had not fully realized how challenging it must be for them that I travel around the world almost every year. I usually just think about the adventure that’s ahead of me.


Fun days with family friends

After a good sleep in the tipi I walk back to the main street of the town. Several places are still closed, but there is one store in town with coffee and WiFi that’s open. I order a cappuccino and write the previous blog. I’m doubting between driving further west to my grandma in Montana, south to my friends in Idaho or east to Oregon.

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Living in the moment

One of the main lessons I’m learning on this trip is to be more in the moment. It’s so easy to be stuck in your mind and to miss what is right in front of you. I’m determined not to let that happen too much anymore. Especially now that I’m in Montana.