Good times with American friends

The days with Amy and Wes are very relaxed and we have a nice time together. I think they are the perfect example of real American kindness. We’ve been friends for several years and I can always stay at their house when I’m in the neighborhood. They treat me like family.
Because I usually wake up a bit earlier than them I can do some work at their kitchen table and after that we can hang out together. On Wednesday I go with Wes to Colorado Springs to do some errands. He shows me the town and introduces me to some of his friends. In the evening we have dinner together and watch their favorite tv-show Survivor which is about a group of people that need to survive on an island. After traveling so far already I can really appreciate a relaxed homey night with friends.
Because Amy has to work on Friday during the day, it’s just me and Wes again and he takes me on a beautiful hike in the mountains. The trail goes along a river and it’s very peaceful to walk there. We started hiking nice and early in the morning and it’s still comfortably cool outside. We see some big fishes in the river and there are several fishermen in and around the river trying to catch some. After a couple of miles we sit down for a while before we turn around. It’s getting warmer now and I’m glad that we started so early in the morning. Around noon we’re back at the car and drive to a small town nearby where Wes treats me on a real American snack, a Coke and an ice cream waffle. Happy as a child I’m enjoying it while we drive back in his big pickup truck.
We do some more relaxing at home and go out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant with another friend of them. After dinner we make a stop on my request at an Outdoor World store which is just around the corner. They like it just as much as I do and we have a fun time browsing the store. Then it’s time to go back home, because it’s been a long active day and we can use some rest.
On Friday morning it’s time for me to continue traveling. I’d love to stay longer here and actually feel a bit sad about having to leave Amy and Wes again, but I still have a long roadtrip ahead of me. A friend on Facebook recommended me a local coffee place and I check that one out before I drive out of town. Wes had recommended me to take the backroads instead of going over the interstate which is a lot busier. So the first hour I just drive on Wes’ directions and leave the navigation system off. It’s a beautiful drive through mountains covered with green trees. Colorado really is the prettiest state. When I’m getting closer to Denver I turn on the novation system and drive to another Outdoor World store, the one I usually visit when I’m in town. Just like last night it’s nice to browse the store, but I don’t see anything I want to buy. I drive to a 50s diner restaurant where I’ve been before and have a nice burger, fries and milkshake for lunch. I drive a bit more through the city and then go to one of my favorite coffee places, Dirt Coffee, to catch up on coffee, email and writing. I usually go there in the morning when it’s busy, but now the place is almost empty. I enjoy some relaxed time working at my laptop. Tonight I go to other friends who live here in Denver and probably stay a few days with them before I drive further north.

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