Hiking in the North Cascades and sleeping in a tipi

Leaving a place by ferry feels very definite like you don’t know when you’re coming back there. For a moment I wonder if I should have spend more time in the Olympic area, but knowing that I’ve one two hikes there I feel like I’ve gotten a great experience there. I don’t want to skip Seattle though and so I drive to Space Needle where there also is a monorail station.


7 tips to be happy when a dark winter brings you down

This morning I got a message from someone who I hadn’t spoken with for a long time. She told me that she currently has a hard time being happy and that my positive messages and pictures are helping to cheer her up. I know how challenging it can be sometimes to find joy and I’m very grateful that I am able to help others where I can.

When you’re feeling down I think it’s very important to reach out to someone and tell how you feel. It might not be an easy step, but you have to know that everyone has their ups and downs and there is a good chance they’ll understand how you feel. Even if they might not have a solution for you, it’ll probably make you feel better to just share your challenges with someone.

Talking about it is a great start, though there is no change without action. Therefore I’ve written down seven actions that might help you feel better and bring more joy into your days.


First workday in Vancouver

As planned I start working at 4AM and I really enjoy it. After helping a couple of clients via e-mail, I get a phone call from one of my favourite clients and we talk for a while about the website and business. It’s so nice to be able to work wherever in the world I am. Even though last week was an interesting adventure of getting to Vancouver and discovering the city, I did miss working and being productive.

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Second day in Vancouver

When I wake up it’s about 2AM and I’ve slept only five hours. I’d like to sleep longer, but since I’m wide awake I decide I better start working, because it’s still daytime in the Netherlands. I make myself an espresso with the Nanopresso I got from my parents and enjoy some delicious coffee while I sit down at the small desk in my room. I’m glad I picked this Airbnb where I can also work comfortably.


Making my own cappuccino at Starbucks

This morning I start with trail running up the mountain again. I manage to get to the top in just under half an hour, ten minutes faster than last week so I’m content. I sit down at the rocks at the top again, but my little chipmunk friend isn’t here this time. I leave the seeds I brought with me for him and after having rested for a moment I run down again via the back of the mountain. I must have missed one trail, because the run is longer than last time, but that’s okay since it’s still early and I have all the time.

Back home I have breakfast and then I drive to one of the local Starbucks coffee places where my friend is the store manager.


Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

tI had set the alarm clock just before sunrise, so I could do an early morning hike today, but when I wake up it’s raining outside. Where it was blue skies and sunshine yesterday, it’s grey and raining today. Not really the hiking weather I was hoping for. So I go back to sleep and wake up again around 7.30. It’s still the same weather, but I’ll go to the Grand Tetons anyway. If the weather gets better I’ll do some hiking and else I’ll just drive further to Yellowstone National Park.

It’s still nice to drive through Grand Tetons National Park, but it’s clear there won’t be any hiking today. At the entrance of the park I ask the lady for recommendations on a day like this. She tells me to visit the lodges and have a relaxed day. That sounds like a good idea.

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Redwoods National Park

It’s Sunday morning and I like to start the day with some creative things. When I was at the Barnes and Nobles about two weeks ago I bought a book about calligraphy and some brush pens. I figure that this morning is a good time to practice a bit with that. I also update my travel bullet journal and practice my drawing skills. These creative things are a bit out of my comfort zone in sense that I still have to learn it all, but I really enjoy doing it. Time goes by very quickly and it’s already eleven o’clock when I start driving to Redwoods National Park.

Just before noon I arrive at the visitor and get a permit to drive to Giant Trees trail. I ask why you need a permit and the lady tells me that’s because it is about an hour driving to get there and they want to sure there is enough parking space for the people visiting. I also ask her about the bear warning sign I saw yesterday.