A little piece of paradise

Today is an exciting day, because I get to visit an place where I wanted to go for a long time. Big Sur state park. It’s a bay at the Pacific coast with a waterfall, a very scenic place. The last time that I drove here I missed it and also this time I have to pay attention to find it. It’s just one small bay next to the road without signs, so you need to know that it’s there to find it. Fortunately I have my navigation system to help me.

When I arrive I take a short hike and enjoy the view. It really is as beautiful as on the pictures. What also calls my attention immediately is the fresh air here. There are few places I’ve been with such a fresh smell.


Sequoia Tree National Park

When I tell people that I’m sleeping in my car, they often ask me if I’m not afraid. In general I’m not, though I try to be cautious where I park my car. Yesterday I parked near North Hollywood Metro station. It was a bit of a shady area, with quite some dodgy looking people and police on the streets. I didn’t write it at the end of yesterday’s story, because my mom is reading this too and I don’t want her to worry unnecessarily. All went well of course, because you’re reading this, though sleeping at those places can be a bit scary. I just check twice that the doors are locked before I go to sleep and usually park at a clear place like under a street light. As I said, all went well and I wake up again when it gets light outside. Part of me still doesn’t want to leave Los Angeles, but I know it’s time to move on.

I drive North in the direction of Sequoia Tree National Park. It starts out with functional driving on the Innerstate, because it’s about four to five hours driving. Then at some point Google Maps leads me to some smaller roads and the recreational driving starts.


Joshua Tree National Park

The sun is already high in the sky and it’s getting warm outside when I wake up around seven o’clock. It’s clear that I’m in a different area now. I freshen myself up, get a coffee and also fuel up the car. In the desert you don’t want to be without gas, so I make sure my tank is completely full before I hit the road. It’s about one and half hours from here to Joshua Tree National Park and then a few more hours to San Diego. It’s already very warm early in the morning, so today I can wear my shorts again. I like it that I’ve crossed so many different landscapes and weather types in just over a week. Snow and rain yesterday, a dry hot dessert today.

It’s nice and warm in Joshua Tree National Park, but no extremely hot fortunately. It’s mainly a road through a big dessert. At the first stop there is a garden and cactuses.