A little piece of paradise

Today is an exciting day, because I get to visit an place where I wanted to go for a long time. Big Sur state park. It’s a bay at the Pacific coast with a waterfall, a very scenic place. The last time that I drove here I missed it and also this time I have to pay attention to find it. It’s just one small bay next to the road without signs, so you need to know that it’s there to find it. Fortunately I have my navigation system to help me.

When I arrive I take a short hike and enjoy the view. It really is as beautiful as on the pictures. What also calls my attention immediately is the fresh air here. There are few places I’ve been with such a fresh smell. It’s caused by the ocean and the Eucalyptus trees right next to it. I remember from years ago the moment I smelled it first, I love it. I stay in the bay for a while and then go back to my car. Yesterday while I was driving in California, I got the idea to see if I can go to Silicon Valley where the offices of Google and Apple are. I’ve never been there and think it could be interesting to see. It’s about two and half hours driving via the coast, so I take it easy and enjoy the beautiful Highway 1.

Driving to Big Sur
Big Sur State Park
Big Sur (2)
Enjoying the Pacific Coast in California
Big Sur
The coast at Big Sur
Big bridge near Big Sur
Enjoying the view at Big Sur
The coast next to highway 1 in California

The Google offices are a whole neighborhood in itself. It’s very big and there are a lot of nerds walking and biking on the streets. Other than the office buildings, some statues and a fan store, there is actually not so much to see here. Still it’s nice to have seen it once. I definitely wouldn’t want to work here. It doesn’t look like the inspiring area I thought it would be. Actually the last days I realize that I don’t miss working with computers at all. That worried me a bit, but when I talked about it with the mechanic yesterday, he told me that that’s normal. He said to me that no one misses their work when they’re on vacation. That’s a comforting thought. For me it’s a bit new to let go of work as much as I do now and I really enjoy it. I still have some things to do, but I don’t worry too much about it and just enjoy being here.

Driving highway 1 in California
Google office
Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk
Someone on a Google bike
Google office (2)
A lighthouse next to highway 1

After visiting Silicon Valley, I drive back to the ocean. I stop for a moment by the Santa Cruz boardwalk. That’s a famous theme park next to the ocean. But since I already had a great day at a theme park last weekend, I don’t feel like going in a rollercoaster today. I drive further to about half an hour from San Francisco. There I park next to a restaurant and after dinner I go back to my car to watch a movie. Watching a movie or tv show at night is a nice way to step out of the adventure for a moment and relax. I love the adventure, but it’s also really active, so I like it to also stop for a moment from time to time. I plan on visiting San Francisco tomorrow and then head further North.


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