Rainy days are for bookstores

It’s still a bit gray and rainy this morning, but I don’t mind it. I’m really thankful to be here in San Diego. During breakfast I see on my phone that the place I’m renting now will be available again in a few weeks and I decide to book it again for then. I’m instantly super happy that I will stay here again soon.
After breakfast and finishing a few more pieces of the Christmas puzzle I walk to Starbucks to update the blog and send out some e-mails.


Another day of train riding

The great thing about parking next to a hotel is that you can use the facilities like the restroom when you need them. I woke up a few times last night, maybe because it was snowing again and quite cold. When I wake up around 5.30AM it’s light outside and I decide it’s time start the day. I get dressed and walk to the hotel lobby where I sit down with a book next to the fireplace, a great start of the day.

I remember from yesterday that there was a wooden desk upstairs in the lobby, so I walk upstairs and sit down behind the desk to write in my journal for a moment. Around seven o’clock I walk to the restaurant. I liked the breakfast so much yesterday that I decided to have it one more time.