Rainy days are for bookstores

It’s still a bit gray and rainy this morning, but I don’t mind it. I’m really thankful to be here in San Diego. During breakfast I see on my phone that the place I’m renting now will be available again in a few weeks and I decide to book it again for then. I’m instantly super happy that I will stay here again soon.
After breakfast and finishing a few more pieces of the Christmas puzzle I walk to Starbucks to update the blog and send out some e-mails. A friend from back home calls me and tells me about how it’s not so nice to be there now. The full lockdown and cold and dark winter weather sound like a complete different world than here. For now I have no desire to go back yet. Life may be more expensive here, but I think it’s totally worth it.
I’ve made a bit of a plan for the coming time. From tomorrow I’m staying at a hotel for a little more than a week, planning to do a lot of work. I still have a couple of websites to finish and figure if I manage that in the coming week that I can take a full week off after that for some traveling around. I’d really like to visit Yosemite National park and Sequoia Tree National Park which are both about eight hours driving from here, so that could be a nice road trip. Like I learned from the audiobook yesterday, I’m not worrying about the future too much. I’m just making some plans and then see how it’ll go.
The sun and blue skies are coming out again and I feel like doing something. I come up with the idea to check out the hotel where I’m planning to stay, just in case. It’s quite a challenge to get there because of the location and when I arrive the staff is not really helpful. All with all I don’t feel too good about it and leave again. I decide to cancel it, which I can still for free until tonight. In front of the hotel are some rental scooters and I get myself one. I really like that they’re all over town. Right when I get on the scooter it starts to rain, but I don’t mind. I’m happy that I went to check out that hotel, because I don’t think I would have liked to stay there for a long week. I ride to a coffee place, cancel my booking and look for a different place. I spend about an hour searching online, but then decide to go with a bit more luxury hotel. It’s more expensive, but since I’ll probably be spending quite some time there working I better choose a comfortable place.
It has started raining again. I’m aware that I’m writing a lot about the weather these days, but for a part it determines how I spend my days. I’m going to Barnes and Noble again and it turns out they have the best sale of the year, 50% off all hardcover books. I’m glad I can take a second suitcase with me on my flight back home, because I find quite a few beautiful books for half of the normal price. I guess my dad will shake his head when he reads this, but I’m happy with it. The friendly elderly lady from last time works at the bookstore again today and she laughs as she tells me that I’ll probably need to build another bookshelf when I’m home again. I guess that’s one of the things to look forward to. When I’ll have a new apartment to build a bigger bookshelf and create a nice reading place for myself. That sure is one in the category of dreams to work on.
With a nice collection of books I’m taking the trolly and bus back to the apartment, curious if my host is already home from her vacation to Colorado. She’s home when I arrive and is cooking some dinner. Lucky for me there is more than enough and she’s happy to share, so we have dinner together and also share stories. Hers are very interesting, because she’s an Airbnb pro and owns multiple houses. It sounds like a very good business to me. My host is really friendly and we have a nice talk about business and life. In the evening she goes to friends, so I have the house for myself again. I realize that because of the rainy weather I didn’t take pictures outside today, so this will be my first blog post here without a photo gallery. I hope the weather will change at some point again and I’ll do my best not to write too much about the weather anymore. It’s just very uncommon for Southern California. Tomorrow it’s time for me to pack my bags again and move to the hotel. I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing here during my week of work. I think it’ll depend on how many interesting experiences I have in my free time. I’ll keep you posted.

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