Running by the ocean

At sunrise I go outside to try out my new running shoes. There is not much sunshine to see though, because it’s still cloudy. I don’t let that stop the fun for me and head to the beach. Already at the first steps I realise that these are some of the best running shoes I’ve had so far. They’re very cushioned and every landing on the sidewalk is really soft. The run is a bit challenging in the beginning, because I don’t run so often lately. After a while it gets easier again. I usually say that the first five kilometers are the hardest.


Bright days in Vancouver

It’s Saturday morning. The sun is out today and it’s probably the most beautiful day in Vancouver I’ve had so far. It’s true what people had told me. The city is completely different when it’s sunny weather. Last night I had dinner with friends and we went out for drinks until late and so they offered me to sleep on their couch. We had a great time and this morning a lovely breakfast together before we said goodbye.