First workday in Vancouver

As planned I start working at 4AM and I really enjoy it. After helping a couple of clients via e-mail, I get a phone call from one of my favourite clients and we talk for a while about the website and business. It’s so nice to be able to work wherever in the world I am. Even though last week was an interesting adventure of getting to Vancouver and discovering the city, I did miss working and being productive.


Making my own cappuccino at Starbucks

This morning I start with trail running up the mountain again. I manage to get to the top in just under half an hour, ten minutes faster than last week so I’m content. I sit down at the rocks at the top again, but my little chipmunk friend isn’t here this time. I leave the seeds I brought with me for him and after having rested for a moment I run down again via the back of the mountain. I must have missed one trail, because the run is longer than last time, but that’s okay since it’s still early and I have all the time.

Back home I have breakfast and then I drive to one of the local Starbucks coffee places where my friend is the store manager.