Camping in a tent and finally leaving Telluride

It’s light when I wake up and I press the button on the car keys to open the back door. I enjoy the cold air entering the car and the view of the now familiar mountains. I stay in bed for a while with the door open. I think I’ll just have a relaxed weekend. Where I’m usually quite focussed on seeing as much as I can on road trips, I want to take it a bit slower this time. While I have my breakfast I talk with the campers next to me named Nicky and Jeff. They’re breaking down their tent and travel to a different place. We have a friendly talk and they give me some tips for places to travel to. You can find friendly people practically everywhere in America.


Turning around again

I wake up with a beautiful view of the mountains. As I drive out of the area this morning, something pulls me right back. It feels like a rocket wanting to take off, but being held back by gravity. By now I know best to follow that sense and so I drive back to Telluride. I park my car and walk along the river that runs along the town and go back to the coffee place. The baristas are laughing, because I keep saying that I’m leaving and keep coming back the next day. I’m getting a cappuccino with a blueberry scone and sit down on the terrace. I’m reading for a while and take some time to think.


Another day in Telluride

I wake up happy, not being disturbed by anyone about camping here by the road. I drive to the town of Ouray, it’s very small and everything is still closed this early in the day. When I drive out of town there is a fork in the road. I can continue straight to get out of this area or take a left to go back to Telluride. I stop my car and think for a moment. I have a strong feeling to go back to Telluride and turn left.