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Second day in Vancouver

When I wake up it’s about 2AM and I’ve slept only five hours. I’d like to sleep longer, but since I’m wide awake I decide I better start working, because it’s still daytime in the Netherlands. I make myself an espresso with the Nanopresso I got from my parents and enjoy some delicious coffee while I sit down at the small desk in my room. I’m glad I picked this Airbnb where I can also work comfortably.


Making my own cappuccino at Starbucks

This morning I start with trail running up the mountain again. I manage to get to the top in just under half an hour, ten minutes faster than last week so I’m content. I sit down at the rocks at the top again, but my little chipmunk friend isn’t here this time. I leave the seeds I brought with me for him and after having rested for a moment I run down again via the back of the mountain. I must have missed one trail, because the run is longer than last time, but that’s okay since it’s still early and I have all the time.

Back home I have breakfast and then I drive to one of the local Starbucks coffee places where my friend is the store manager.


Trail running

I wake up being occupied with my thoughts immediately. Not the way I like to wake up, but it happens sometimes. I’m thinking a lot about work and life lately and about how it’ll be when I’m back home. There are things I’m excited about when going home, like of course seeing my family and friend again or going back to the gym. But there are also things I’m not so much looking forward too. It’ll probably be crazy busy with work and I have quite a lot of catching up to do. But waking up thinking about all that is not how I want to start the day. Fortunately I’ve got a plan for this morning and that’s why I had set the alarm clock at about sunrise.

I want to try out the trail running shoes I bought earlier this week in Missoula. Right in front of my grandparents house is a mountain with many trails, the perfect place for hiking and running. I quickly get dressed and drink some water before I go outside.