A relaxed day in Helena

I didn’t set an alarm clock and sleep in til about eight in the morning. Breaking my rule of not immediately checking my phone when I wake up, I text with a friend for a while. He asks me what the most beautiful thing of this journey is. That’s a hard question, but I like to think about it.

The first thing that comes to mind is Hollywood. Visiting the film studios, going to a theme park and hiking up to the Hollywood sign are some of my favorite memories of this trip. And then to remember that I would have almost missed half of that, but just turned my car around at the right time and stayed a day longer in Los Angeles. While I sit at the couch in the living room I think of the journey from beginning to where I am now. Starting out in Colorado, going to the National Parks in Utah and Arizona, following the Pacific Coast in California, Oregon and Washington, unexpectedly visiting Darin and his family three days in a row and now spending time with my grandparents. And many more things that are too few to mention. I’m glad I have this blog and my pictures so I can look back at all the adventures. Someone else asked if I’m looking forward to go home. I’ll be happy to see my family and friends again, though I think it’ll take some time to adjust to ‘normal’ life again. This is a life of freedom, of going wherever you want with not too many worries on your mind. Somehow it would be nice to take this lifestyle with me back home. It’s probably healthy to have a bit of regularity again, but I’ll do my best not to stress and worry about business too much anymore. Every journey has a lesson in it. The New Zealand journey gave me the lesson of living in the Here and Now. I think the lesson of this America journey is to let go. Letting go of people’s expectations and letting go of worries. I won’t say I’ve learned it completely yet, but I’ve set some steps and I’m on my way. Ok, enough philosophical thinking now, time for breakfast.

It's raining today
Time for creativity
Grandma baking pasties
Ready for june

After breakfast I post the exciting story of Glacier National Park and copy the pictures from my camera to my computer. Selecting and organizing the pictures is the most work of keeping a travel blog. It’s great to see the pictures I took the other day of beautiful nature. In the afternoon I go to Scenic Brew, the local coffee place, again to draw in my notebook. I like doing this and time is flying by. Before I know it, it’s the end of the afternoon and time to back home. Abbie and Brandon, another granddaughter of my grandparents and her husband are visiting tonight. Her sister Maddie also stops by with her bird and we play with it for a while. Grandma made pasties for dinner. Dinner is nice and then we watch some episodes of the British comedy Black Books. Again we laugh a lot and before we know it, it’s time to go to bed. Some days here go pretty fast, but it feels like vacation because it are relaxed days. I realise that the last couple of stories of this journey are probably a bit less exciting to read, because we just hang out together, but I’d like to finish this blog at least until the last day of traveling, so bear with me until next Monday when I fly back home.


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