Why you should buy souvenirs

You might think that souvenirs are a waste of money, but I think otherwise. It’s not that I always buy a lot of useless stuff every time I’m traveling, but I like to to buy something when I visit a special place. It’s nice to have a reminder of a good memory. Recently I discovered the importance of souvenirs again.

Since a couple of weeks I’m working two jobs. Next to my web development business I now also work as a barista at Starbucks. Being a barista is something I had been thinking and dreaming of for a long time and this Summer I finally took the step to give it a try. It’s a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot. Even though I really like both jobs, I also find it quite challenging and some days I’m very tired when I get home. The other day I got to the point where I was wondering “What am I doing it all for?” and just when I asked myself that question, my eye fell on a coffee cup I bought in Yellowstone National Park. Instantly I knew the answer: traveling. I’ve always loved to travel, but it’s becoming more and more important to me, because I know it’s what makes me happy in life. Visiting new places and meeting new people is what I really love. That little coffee cup reminded me of that in an instant and the realisation of my why gave me peace again. I think there are at least three good reasons for buying souvenirs:

1. Helps you reminding the good times
When you have a busy life, it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day that you can forget the great adventures you’ve been on. Maybe not every day will be a thrilling adventure, but at least you can look back on the journeys you’ve made. Having a little souvenir in eyesight somewhere in your house helps reminding you of those great times and bring a smile on your face when you have a long day of work ahead.

2. Inspires you and others to travel
The souvenir is a proof that you’ve made an exciting journey and that it’s very well possible you’ll make a journey like that again in the future. Never stop dreaming, who knows what souvenirs will be on your desk in a couple of years? Besides that, you can also show it to your friends and family and probably tell a great story about the place you’ve visited. This might inspire them to go on adventurous journeys themselves as well.

3. Supports the places you love visiting
Last but not least, when you buy a souvenir you support the local people in the place you visit. For example when you buy something in a National Park store, it’ll help them maintain the park and make sure it stays a nice place. Or when you buy something from local people, it’s a nice way to show your appreciation for their hospitality. Either way, you give something back to the place you have a good memory of.

So next time that you visit a beautiful place, don’t hesitate to spend some money on a few souvenirs. They’ll help you reminding what it’s all about, to enjoy life.

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