Bike riding in San Diego

Every day here in San Diego has been filled with new experiences so far. This morning I call with my family and tell them that I’ll keep writing daily as long as there is something to write about. And today I’m in for a fun trip again. Around 10 o’clock in the morning Brittany is at my house with two mountainbikes on the back of her car. We drive to Coronado island on the other side of the water. Technically it’s not an island I think, since it’s connected to the main land with a huge bridge. It feels different though to be on the other side and I think that the air is also even fresher. We get on the bikes and follow a beautiful bike path along the water. It gives a great view of the skyline of San Diego. I like it how when you take a ferry, or in this case bike on an island across the water, you get a beautiful overview of the city. Everything looks smaller and it’s easier to see things in perspective. The bike ride is very relaxing and about half way we stop to go for a walk at the beach. It’s much quieter here than in the city and the ocean is calming as it usually is. I walk in the water for a while. The ocean is pretty cold, I’m not sure if I’ll swim in it during this vacation.
At the beginning of the afternoon we’re back at the car and drive to a restaurant on the island for lunch. As usual Brittany takes me to a very healthy place. We have burrito’s with a lot of veggies in it. Her healthy lifestyle is inspiring and I hope I can take after her example. At least for now she makes sure I’m eating healthy here in America and I’m thankful for that.
After lunch we go our separate ways again and on my way home I stop at a coffee place to do some reading and create my work planning for this week. I’m still in the process of balancing work with vacation. Doing it like the last few days, working a few hours in the morning and enjoying vacation the rest of the day, seems a good strategy. I would also like to catch up on reading and plan to do that in the weekend. For Christmas I booked myself a fancier apartment close to the beach. Since it won’t be a white Christmas and I’m gonna be just by myself, I think it’ll be good to get a nice and comfortable place to stay.

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