Ocean escape

The hotel I’m staying at now is a beautiful spot. It’s just between two towns and is right at the ocean. There is a nice swimming pool and jacuzzi outside and the room is quite large and has everything I need. I wake up early before the alarm clock this morning, which gives me time to catch up with family, friends and work. The breakfast is like other places I’ve been before, nothing to write home about but I’m thankful it’s there. Around noon I’m done with work for today and go for a swim in the pool. There are no other people in the water, just a few at their balconies. It’s very quiet. The key for the hotel room has the word Escape on it and that’s a bit how this feels. Away from the city, a good place to relax. I drive to the small town and find a nice restaurant for lunch where they serve cham chowder in a bread bowl. I’ve had that once before in America and it’s very delicious. I walk further through town and on the long pier at the ocean. It’s clearly a touristic towns with mainly beach shops and restaurants. I was planning on hanging out in a coffee place, but most of them are surprisingly already closed at two or three in the afternoon. I find a cool place called Rock and Roll diner, which basically is an old train wagon turned into a restaurant. I stop there for a cup of coffee before I head back to the hotel. It’s nice and relaxing here, but since there is not much to do I’ll probably drive back in the direction of LA tomorrow.

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