Back to the ocean

The hotel I’m staying at is really nice. It’s called Historic Holiday hotel and it feels very old and authentic. In the morning I have a view of the Hollywood sign as I requested for during check in. I start the day with answering e-mails and updating my blog. With all the eventful days in a row I’ve been less on my computer and social media and I actually enjoy it. It’s good to disconnect a bit for while from time to time. Then again, I also like to keep my blog going and don’t want to let my clients back home wait too long for replies.
After many active days I feel like taking it a bit slow today, so I plan to stay in this area. While I’m thinking about what I would like to do, I can’t get rid of the feeling that I would love most of all to just go back to Warner Brothers studios. I know I’ve been there yesterday and it’s not really cheap to take a tour, but I’ve also learned that following your heart is usually the best thing you can do. I drive back to Warner Brothers studios, but they turn out to be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but it makes me extra happy that I went yesterday.
I decide to walk around the block of the studios. It’s a great way to see how large the whole studios are. It’s like a complete neighborhood in itself. I remember seeing it a few years ago from the hike at the hills of the Hollywood sign, but it’s very warm today so I don’t feel like doing that now. I walk as far as I can and enjoy a few glimpses of the people working at the soundstages. I’m thinking that I’d be happy to work there for free if I had the chance. Just to be part of that wonderful world of movie and tv shows production.
When I’m back at my car I decide to drive to a little beach town called Avila beach. The drive is longer than I expected. I realize that I’m not used to long road trips anymore and don’t enjoy them as much as I used to do years ago. I think this is the furthest I’ll drive during this vacation. When I arrive at the hotel I booked I’m very happy, because it’s pretty and right by the ocean. There is a swimming pool that I hope to try out tomorrow morning and there is also a private beach. I arrive just around sunset, perfect timing to take a few pictures before I rest in the room. I picked up some microwave meals on my way here, so I can enjoy a relaxed dinner with some tv shows. I think I’ll stay one or two days here at the beach before I head back to Los Angeles.


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