Where the movies and tv shows are made

This morning I feel a bit stuck. After several awesome days, I’m not sure where to go from here. As I’m doing some emails in the morning, Nancy says bye quickly, because she goes back to work today. I have breakfast, pack my bags and chat a bit more with her parents as good as I can. Even though I’ve been practicing Spanish on my phone since the last time I was here, it’s still challenging to actually have a conversation in Spanish. We understand each other quite a bit and I’m glad got to meet them again. Although I’m not exactly sure where to go from here, there is one place I’d like to visit again now that I’m in the area: Warner Bros. Studios. I’ve been here twice before, but every time the tour is a bit different. It’s very quite this Monday morning and we have a great tour guide. She asks what we want to see and I tell that I’d like to see the places from Gilmore Girls. We get to see their house, Sookie’s house, the town square and what’s left of Luke’s diner. It’s great to see the familiar places from the series and walk around in Stars Hollow for a while. We also see some places from the Friends series like the famous fountain. As usual the tour ends at Central Perk, the Friends coffee place.
Warner Bros. Studios is one of my happy places and it’s always great to come back here. Besides the places I came here to see, we also see the backlots where they create the movies. I find it always interesting to see where they make the movies. It also never gets old to see the sets of the famous tv-series like Friends and Big Bang Theory.
When I’m almost at the end of the tour, I have a big surprise waiting for me. A lady asks if people would like to be in the audience of the Ellen show which will be recorded today. I have no plans for the rest of the day, so I happily accept the invitation. The lady tells that it’s very exceptional that they invite people last minute like this, but because of some cancellations they had a few empty seats. I find it very exciting. She drives us to the Ellen stage. On our ride there we get a glimpse of Matthew Mcconaughey, one of my favorite actors. We just see him a few seconds outside one of the soundstages and it happens so fast that I don’t get the chance to grab my phone for a picture, but still I find it awesome to have seen a famous actor. We wait outside the Ellen stage for a few minutes and then go into the studio and sit down in the audience. Two shows are recorded today, so we’re there for about 1,5 hours. It’s interesting to see how they create the show and to see all the cameras and everything. If you watch the Ellen show, there might be a chance you’ll see me at either the 19th or the 25th of January on tv. When the recording of the shows is done, we drive back to the starting point of the tour. It’s around 4pm now. I had not expected to be at the studios most of the day, what a great surprise!
I sit down at the coffee place by the entrance and find a hotel about ten minutes from here. It’s right in Hollywood. I still have no idea where to go from here, but I’m thankful for yet another awesome day. I end the day with getting a pizza from an Italian restaurant next to the hotel and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls. It’s nice to watch it, knowing that I walked on that set today. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, I can really recommend doing the Warner Bros. Studios tour. If you like movies and tv shows, it’s very interesting to see where they are made and I find being there always an amazing experience.

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