Define yourself

This morning I had a clear thought: who you are is like a big rock (or piece of wood as in the picture), ready to be sculpted. And you’re the one that can make a statue out of it, but cutting things away. Everything you are is already inside you, just you have to remove the parts that’s not you.

For me one of the things that’s not me is that I still worry sometimes or expect negative things to happen. I think that’s partly caused I’m most times forward-thinking and trying to protect the downside. But I realize that I have a choice to be a positive and optimistic person. So this morning I wrote down for myself: I am a positive and optimist person.

With that, I am defining who I am and automatically it cuts off the things that I am not. So next time I have a negative thought, I can grab my hammer and chisel and cut that from the rock. It’s probably not always easy, because habits tend to stick around, but if you consistently keep cutting off the parts that are not you, who you are will shine through brighter and brighter.

So how to find out who you really are? That’s the beauty of it, you get to decide. Who do you want to be? In your mind, imagine the best version of you of who and how you’d like to be. Write down those properties, for example: energetic, outgoing, positive, always learning and sportive. Those properties can be different for everyone. Take some time to define, and perhaps redefine, who you want to be.

Once you have an image of who you want to be, it’s a matter of putting on your artist outfit and start working on the beautiful piece of art that you are. It might take you a lifetime, but when you’ll look back in a few years you will see that you already look a lot more like the image of who you want to be. Keep sculpting!

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