I hate goodbyes, I’m just not good at them. I know it’s better to talk positive, but that’s just as it is. This time it’s not me who travels around the world, but my sister who goes on an adventure. I find it awesome for her, but I’m receiving the other side of the coin I usually give to my family. Until now I had not fully realized how challenging it must be for them that I travel around the world almost every year. I usually just think about the adventure that’s ahead of me.
It’s funny how it’s harder to let someone else go on an adventure than to embark on one yourself. Then again. It isn’t just anyone, it’s my little sister who is leaving for an undermined time around the globe. She isn’t that little anymore by the way. She’s a strong lady of 26 now, but for me she’ll always be my little sister. When she told me about her plans, I wondered by myself if I had inspired her too much with my adventures, haha! But that would imply that traveling is a bad thing and it sure isn’t. I’m grateful that we get the chance to see more of the world and get to go on adventures. It’s just that saying goodbye to someone and not knowing when you’ll see them again is quite challenging.
While on the bike this morning I put on the famous song from Fast and Furious, it’s about a more permanent type of goodbye and it never fails to touch me. I like that it’s raining this morning so the guys at the gym won’t see that the water in my eyes isn’t just rain. It’s a beautiful moment of perfect sadness.
As I park my bike in the parking garage I suddenly get a different perspective. Goodbyes are also beautiful, because they show you how much you care about someone. A smile comes to my face as I realize that if there was no goodbye, you wouldn’t experience the missing each other and the gratitude for the wonderful times together. Goodbyes give you the unique opportunity for this realization.
I think I’ve changed my mind about goodbyes. I still don’t like them, but I don’t hate them anymore. I now see that there is something good in goodbyes.

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