Have fun booking

“Have fun booking, because I already know what you’re gonna do anyway”, my sister says on the phone as we end our conversation. I talked with her for a moment, because I had the usual travel doubt. I love going on adventures, but the time before booking is often filled with a lot of thinking. One one hand it excites me, on the other hand I’m thinking about the costs. I work hard and save money for travel, but it’s always quite an investment. This week I’m reading a book about money and this morning I read about how your spending should be aligned with your values in life. It was one of the triggers that made me decide to book a flight again today. My sister was right, after we hung up I go back to the computer and book my flight and the rental car. As soon as I have booked it, a smile appears on my face and I’m filled with excitement and gratitude for this opportunity. As usual I call my mom first to share the news. Despite the fact that she doesn’t like it too much that her children travel all over the world, she always shares in the excitement of it. I text a few friends in America and quickly get another exciting message back. I’m feeling happy. This morning as I read the book, I wrote down my values again and of my highest one is Adventure. I know that by traveling I’m aligning with that and I think that’s a good strategy for a joyful life.
Usually I travel in autumn or spring, but this year I want to go in the summer for a change. The summers in the Netherlands are too hot for my taste and it’s probably also more practical since many of my clients are also on vacation at that time. I still have a few big website projects to finish before then, but that should also help me finance this adventure. As I’ve done before, I’m renting a minivan so I can sleep in the car while going on a road trip. I haven’t made a route yet, but I’m sure some of my favorites will be on there. Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion are high on the list, just like Yellowstone, Yosemite and Sequoia Tree National Park. We’ll see where this adventure brings me. For now I enjoy the excitement of having it booked and I’ll work hard in the coming time to get ready for a, as one of my friends said, well-deserved vacation.

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