Live every day like you’re in Disneyland

This morning on my way to work I was listening to the Disneyland Background Channel. They were playing beautiful classical music and I thought to myself ‘it would be nice to be in Disneyland now’. Then I looked around at the pretty buildings of my city and realised it could almost be like a ride in Disneyland. My grandma often points out how pretty my city is when I send pictures, while I can easily take it for granted. Not today.


Here and now

Here and now is the name of this blog and are two of the most important words for me personally. They got my attention again when I was searching for a new water bottle the other day and stumbled upon a brand with the same name. A nice reminder to be present and to live in the moment.

It’s been about four months since I wrote on this blog the last time. Somehow I didn’t have much inspiration. The desire to write was there from time to time, but I didn’t know what to write about, until I started thinking about the words Here and Now again.


Watching the sunrise

I’m walking in the park and as the sun rises I hear countless bird around me chirp. I stand on a bridge for a moment, watching the sunrise. An elderly lady walks by with her dog. I wish her a good day. She says that she hopes also the best will happen to me today. What a beautiful thing to say. I walk further and see some baby ducks walking with their parent ducks by the water side and it suddenly hits me again, the beauty of life. How wonderful it is to be part of this great adventure and to have the privilege of experiencing this all. How often do you stand still by the wonder that is your life? This beautiful journey, don’t let it pass by too quickly. Don’t get caught up all the time in the worries or things you have to do. Take a conscious breath and enjoy this moment for what it is. It’s all wonderful!


How to be happy during a pandemic

It’s been almost a year now since the world turned upside down and this situation brings different challenges to each of us. For some it’s loss of work, for others it’s being locked up in your home most of the day, and for many it has caused some level of anxiety for either our own health or that of loved ones. It’s doesn’t look like this situation is over any time soon, but life goes on anyway, so it’s important to make the best of this time as well. One of the main things I’ve learned from my parents is to enjoy life, so in this post I’ll share some of my methods to be happy during this strange time.


Define yourself

This morning I had a clear thought: who you are is like a big rock (or piece of wood as in the picture), ready to be sculpted. And you’re the one that can make a statue out of it, but cutting things away. Everything you are is already inside you, just you have to remove the parts that’s not you.


Get your innocence back

I just woke up with the feeling I’ve had before several times in the last couple of months, waking up to a bad dream. Waking up to a world that is not as nice as you remembered it to be. Even though things are turning a bit back to normal here, it still isn’t the way it used to be. Then it hit me what’s the main problem now: the world has lost its innocence.


Now is all you have

The world around you may be shaken up and things go different than you’d expected. It’s very easy to start worrying. We usually tend to worry about the things that are important to us, like family and work. We know that worrying doesn’t help us anything and doesn’t change the situation for good. The most it can do, is taking away our peace.

It’s easier said than done to just stop worrying, but I’ve found one key that is very helpful. Completely focus on this moment. Wherever you are right now, be fully there. That is why meditation is so powerful. You focus on your breathing, every breath in and every breath out. Your breath is always in the present moment, in the now. Usually there are no problems in the now.


The real you

The real you is strong and powerful beyond imagination

The real you is creative and inspired

The real you is positive and optimistic

The real you doesn’t know fear

The real you has many dreams and unlimited potential

The real you is full of life and energy

The real you is here and now

The real you is connected to all


What do you expect?

For quite a while now I’m a bit struggling with the mundane of life. In the mornings I wake up early, go to the gym and then to work for the rest of the day. In the evening I cook dinner, watch some tv and before I know it’s time to go to bed again. Even though I do my best to make days different by working at several locations, it still feel often that most days look the same and the desire for breaking out of that grows by the day.