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Another great day with my grandparents

I think it’s wonderful when grandparents and grandchildren get to spend time together. For me this time here is extra special, because my grandparents in The Netherlands have passed on many years ago and I am really thankful that I got my American grandparents. I’m glad that the other grandchildren here think the same, because in the morning Caitlin shows up with Claire for breakfast. Grandpa and grandma are in the kitchen cooking. Their breakfast is the best in the world, fried eggs and perfectly crispy bacon. Probably what makes the food extra good is all the love that goes into it.
In the afternoon I go with grandpa and grandma to downtown Helena and we drink some delicious milkshakes in a 100 year old candy store. There is a jukebox and fortunately we got some quarters with us, so we can listen to some old school music.
We walk a bit more through the main street in downtown and grandpa points out the building where he used to work as a radio dj, a long time ago. We walk further to an outdoors store and grandma and grandpa buy me a beautiful Montana sweater. I think it’s my favorite souvenir of this vacation. The sweater says “My happy place Montana” and I think that’s just right. I love being here.
When we’re back home, Alyssa and her children are visiting us. It’s really nice that I get to see most of the other grandchildren during these few days here. I’ve known them all for so long and it’s great to catch up again. It sure has been too long since I was here and hope that the next time will be sooner. I try to build a little snowman for the children, but the snow here is too dry to make a good one. Still I manage to build a little smiling snowman in my grandparents front yard.
In the evening I get some groceries and fill my car up with gas as preparation for the long road trip back tomorrow. Then we watch a nice movie together. Again it’s getting later than usual, but I don’t mind that at all. While I’m still here I want to enjoy as much time together as we can.

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