Wonderful time at the Warner Bros. Studios

This morning I drive to Warner Bros. Studios once again, because one of the guides told me yesterday that I might come back today and that someone can show me more of the Stars Hollow set. It wasn’t for certain yet, so I’m a bit nervous, but when I arrive I see the friendly same lady as yesterday. She recognises me immediately and arranges for one of the guides to give me a private tour to see the parts that I missed yesterday. I couldn’t be happier. My tour guide’s name is Mark and he is very knowledgable about the movie studios, because he has worked here for many years. He’s worked here as a tour guide, but also as an extra for many tv-shows like Friends. Mark shows me all around the backlot which was once the set of Stars Hollow and tells me many interesting things about the making of the series. For example he tells me that it can take up to 10 days to create one episode of a tv show. He takes me inside several houses of the backlot and as the highlight we can go into the building that was used as Luke’s diner. Some things have changed, because these buildings are used for many movies and series, but the stairs behind the diner, which in the series lead to Luke’s appartment above the diner, are still there. Mark tells me that the scenes in the apartment were actually shot at a stage inside the building across the street. I am so excited to be here and really thankful to KC and Mark for arranging this for me. This has been better than I could have imagined, an unforgettable experience. Filled with excitement and gratitude I write down these words at the coffee place at the entrance of the Warner Bros. Studios Tour before I continue with the rest of my day.
I decide to drive to Griffith Observatory, because it’s a great viewpoint to see the city of Los Angeles. When I arrive at Griffith park I see many cars beside the road and I look at the map. There are various hiking trails and that seems like a better idea than driving to the top. It is quite a climb, but easier than the hike to the Hollywood Sign. In about half an hour I’m at the Observatory and I enjoy the view over the city for a while before I hike back. Tonight I’ve a dinner planned with my friends Logan and Carol, whom I’ve met on a previous journey. They’re on the south side of the city, so I continue driving slowly in that direction. I make the rookie mistake of underestimating Los Angeles traffic and arrive about half an hour late. The excitement from both sides to see each other again after about three years is none the less. Their friends Mike and Liz that I’ve met last week in Disneyland are also there. We’re in a Korean BBQ restaurant and it turns out that means eating lots of food. We have a fun time together and after dinner hang out for a while at Mike and Liz’ house. I think I mentioned before that Mikes great great great (I hope I wrote down the right amount of greats) father was Dutch and moved here a long time ago. They even have their own history photo album with black and white photo’s of their ancestors. It’s interesting to hear how that used to go back in the days. Taking a boat from Europe to America, applying to stay at Ellis Island and then move for good to the relatively new country. It’s hard to imagine. I’m thankful that these days we can get on a plane and be almost anywhere in the world in about a day and that calling and texting globally is even easier. The evening goes by quickly and when I feel that I’m getting really tired, I say goodbye because I still have to drive about 20 minutes to my hotel. It sure was an eventful day and with a big smile I think back of how the day started at Warner Bros. Studios and what a great experience that was.

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