Back to San Diego

Today I’ve planned to drive back to San Diego, because I have booked an Airbnb for the coming week and have to return the rental car tomorrow. Interestingly enough I’m not too excited about going back. I loved living in San Diego for a few weeks, but after all the adventures of this mini road trip, I feel like keeping on traveling.
I’m thinking more about it during driving and think that’s it’s because I now know how it is to live in San Diego, so it’s relatively predictable. Being on a road trip I often don’t know where I’ll be the next day and I like that adventure. Having that said I know it’s also necessary to stay at one place for a few days, because I have quite some work to do. I need to finish the administration of last year for taxes and to work on some websites. I think if I’ll put a few long workdays in so that I might have most of it done and can continue the adventure at the end of the week. The drive from the South side of LA to San Diego is only two hours, but I have one more stop to make. I’m searching for a copy of the book I’ve been listening to the last weeks, ‘The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO’. I want to read it as well, because I usually pick up more from reading a physical book than from listening to an audiobook. I looked at the Barnes and Noble website and there is only one bookstore in the region that has a copy left. It’s an older book and I assume it’s not being printed anymore. Interestingly enough the last copy is in a bookstore in a small surfing beach town called Encinitas. I find that a nice coincidence, because the book is partly about a surfer dude. Searching for a rare book like that feels a bit like treasure hunting and I’m glad when I find it. I stay in the town for lunch and then drive further to San Diego. Despite my lack of excitement to be back, it’s nice to be back at the Airbnb where I stayed before. My host StephieAnn is there with her birds and rabbits, so it’s a house filled with friendly companionship. In the afternoon I help her with writing a text for an ad for one of her houses and then go to get groceries. I do groceries for a few days to take advantage of still having the car today. In the evening I cook a nice Italian pasta with organic products and fresh herbs from the garden behind the house. I was craving some healthy food and enjoy the nice dinner with my host who is also happy that I’m back. Having a kitchen full of food and not having to think about the basics for a few days is actually nice and easy. I go to bed early so I can have a long workday tomorrow. Again I’m not sure if I’ll have something to write about this week, but I’ll keep you posted.

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