Relaxed day at Grand Tetons National Park

As usual, the alarm wakes me up at 5am and it’s about an hour til sunrise. I get dressed and drive about 15 minutes to a good viewing point of the Grand Tetons. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that idea, because the place is crowded with photographers. People with big cameras, lenses and tripods are positioning themselves to get a good picture of the sunrise. For a moment I consider leaving again, because it feels quite silly to be with a group of about 20 people all taking the same picture. I’m staying though, since I’ve already driven here and want to see the sunrise as well. I talk with a few people and take some pictures as the sun comes up. It’s pretty, but I think I prefer the Grand Tetons in the winter when it’s super cold and there aren’t so many people around.
I drive to Jackson Lodge, a big old building with comfortable couches and a view of the mountains. There I write the story of the previous day, of the long drive here, and then sit down to read for a while. I’ve decided to take it slow today and just hang around here at Grand Tetons. In the afternoon I hike through the forest to the lake. I follow the water until I arrive at a beach where there are a lot of people swimming in the lake. I’m a bit surprised, because I expected the water to be cold. Since I didn’t bring my swim shorts on this hike, I jump in the water in my jeans shorts. I’m not gonna let this opportunity pass me by. The lake is not cold at all, but just nice and refreshing. I stay in the water for a while and enjoy the view of the mountains on the other side of the lake. Then I sit down at the shore to dry again.
In between Grand Tetons and Yellowstone is a dispersed, free campsite that I know from last year and that’s where I go next. There are only a few campsites and I’m lucky, because two guys are just leaving and giving me a nice place to set up my tent. After I’ve set up my tent I talk for a while with a friendly guy named Roger who is staying there with his wife in their RV. I guess they’re retired as he tells me that they’re traveling several months all the way to Alaska. That must be a great adventure as well. When they leave to drive around for a bit, I go back to my tent. I realize that I forgot to get groceries on the long drive yesterday, so dinner is some sandwiches and a bag of chips. It’s filling, but I’m not feeling to healthy about that. Where in the beginning of the trip I still managed to eat quite healthy, it’s going quite a bit downhill these days and I’m making my mind up to do better again when I’m back home in a few weeks. Not working out and eating unhealthy makes me feel a bit bad about myself. At least I’m still taking my vitamins every day, I think that’s a good basic when traveling in America. I end the day with some Netflix shows again and go to sleep when the sun sets. I plan on getting up early tomorrow to drive to Yellowstone.

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