Back in Hollywood

I don’t feel like working much this morning, so I continue driving early. I follow the Highway 1 along the coast. Pacific Highway 1 is in my opinion one of the most beautiful drives in the US. You see the beaches right beside the windy road. When I drive through Malibu I see a big sign for a restaurant right at the beach. I decide to stop there for breakfast. It’s a bit of a fancy place, but it’s in a beautiful cove with a beach and the food is good. Having breakfast at the beach is a sure way to get a vacation feeling.
The smell here outside by the ocean is one of my favorites in the world. It’s a combination of the ocean with the eucalyptus trees and probably some other trees as well. I wish you could save it like taking a picture. I’ll always remember the first time I smelled it when I was driving from LA through Hollywood to the ocean, many years ago. Today my planned destination is Hollywood again, so I’ll follow Highway 1 in that direction. Around noon I arrive at the Warner Bros. Studios for another tour. Unfortunately part of the Stars Hollow backlot is closed today, because they’re recording a commercial there. Luckily we still get to see the Gilmore’s house and in general it’s interesting to see people working at the studios. It’s a lot busier today than on Monday. I’d like to stay here the whole day, but once the tour is done there is not much left to do than to drink a cup of coffee at Central Perk and to hang around there for a bit. I thought about working here a bit like I usually do in coffee places, but somehow this doesn’t feel like the right place for it. During the tour today I think to myself that it’d be fun to watch some movies and series at my home cinema back home again. It’s something that being at the studios does to you, you get even more appreciation for all the work that goes into making great movies and series. So many people are involved in the creation.
In the afternoon I drive a bit through Hollywood and Beverly Hills, it’s interesting to see the big houses and sports cars. I drive over Mulholland drive which gives you a great view of the city on both sides of the Hollywood hills. Just about an hour before sunset I’m close to a hiking path that I know from previous years. It goes up to the so called Wisdom Tree and eventually all the way to the Hollywood sign. I didn’t plan on hiking there this time, but now that I’m close I can’t resist the temptation. It’s quite a steep hike, but I’m glad that I got here just before sunset. At sunset the hike is closed these days and also it’s a challenging hike in the dark. I know that from a few years ago. When you are on top of the hills, you also have a great view of the Warner Bros. Studios from above. Just before it gets dark I arrive at the Hollywood sign, in time to take some great pictures. The way back I go via the road that goes all around the hill and through the Hollywood neighborhood. I’ve walked this walk before and it’s quite long, but safer and easier than the hiking trail in the dark. I’m tired and hungry as I walk through the dark. But I’m also laughing, because I know that these will be the moments I’ll remember when I’m back home. I’m glad I went on this hike again, it never disappoints.

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