Long roadtrip back south

After a few wonderful days with my grandparents and the other grandchildren and great grandchildren, today it’s time drive back south again. Catie and Claire stop by again to have breakfast together. I’m glad I got to spend so much time with them these few days. When they’re gone I play one more game of Scrabble with grandma, because I don’t know when will be the next time that we can play the game in person. I win this time, so I’ll have to come back for a tie breaker. I put my bags in the car and after a few more big hugs it’s time to go.
Leaving Helena is always one of the hardest things in life. It’s just such a big contrast from being surrounded with loving people to being alone again. What makes it harder is that I never know when I can come back, especially in these uncertain times. For now I’m really thankful that I got to spend a few days here again. I enjoyed every moment of it and because I practiced to stay present continuously, I feel like I experienced everything more fully. I think that when you know that time is limited, you’re more inclined to make the most of each moment you have. And that’s a good lesson you can apply on your whole life. Time is limited, so make the most of each day and enjoy the moments. I think more and more that life is about experiences and this trip is full of great ones.
The drive of today is a long one again, about 800 miles and just under 12 hours driving. Interestingly enough it’s just mainly one long road, the I15 south. I want to reach St. George in Southern Utah today, that’s about half way to San Diego. In the morning I drive in silence, because I want to just be in the moment and don’t distract myself from the sad feelings. I’m learning more to accept all that is, whether it’s a positive of negative experience. It also gives me some time to look back at the great time I had here in Montana. It were wonderful days. The road is quiet and it’s nice to see the snow covered mountains. When I’m driving in Idaho, I see a tip of one of the mountains of the Grand Tetons in the distance on the east side. I’m realising how much I’m experiencing in quite a short time. These last two weeks of the vacation surely are a great adventure.
In the afternoon I listen to some podcast episodes and stop a few times for gas. Other than that I don’t take too many breaks, because I want to drive most of the miles during daylight. Nevertheless are the last few hours driven in the dark again, but the big interstate is a lot easier to drive than the smaller icy roads of earlier this week. Around 9.30pm I arrive in St. George. I drove almost around the clock, because I left at 10am this morning from Montana. I look up a cheap hotel, because all I want now is a bed to sleep. I’m glad I managed to do this long trip in one day. As usual I’m not completely sure about where to go from here, but I’m thinking about making one more stop at the Grand Canyon tomorrow before driving back to San Diego on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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