Hike to the hidden swing

I had planned on going on a road trip again tomorrow, but since I’m enjoying my time in this Airbnb so much, I think that I’d like to stay another day. I text my host and ask if I can extend with one day. That’s not a problem and also the booking of the rental car is easily changed for a day later. This will give me one more day to work and relax in San Diego. I have the house for myself again today and tomorrow, because my host is at one of her other houses. Not completely for myself though, I happily share it with the birds. I love how they keep me company with their cheerful chirps. There are also bunnies in the house, but they have their own room. When I take a peak to look how they’re doing, a flying squirrel lands on my shoulder. They live there too. It makes me laugh, I love this place. The squirrel keeps hanging on my back for a while before jumping back to bookcase and allowing me to get to work. I work til about 11 and have then planned to meet with my friend Brittany for a hike on the hills of La Jolla. It’s good to see her again. The last time was a few weeks ago before the road trip. Brittany is amazing with asking good questions that help you to think and get clarity. I tell her again that I think she should become a coach, she’d be great at it. We talk about stuff like work, traveling and life in general while we hike to a place that’s called ‘The hidden swing’. It’s a swing in a park at the north of La Jolla and looks out over the ocean. We’ve been there years ago and I wanted to see it again. It’s very relaxing to look over the ocean from this high point of view. After the hike we get some nice Mexican food for lunch and then we go our own ways again. I have to do some laundry before my next roadtrip in two days. In America it’s very normal to go to a laundromat for that. You pay somewhere between three and five dollars and have to bring your own soap, but it gets the job done. It takes about 45 minutes, so that gives me time to do some groceries in the main time. This time I don’t make the mistake of putting all clothes in the dryer, because I accidentally shrunk two t-shirts last time. That’s another benefit of staying another day here, I can hang my clothes to dry before I hit the road again. As I’m waiting at the launderette I’m realizing I feel better than this morning. I got a lot on my mind these days about work, living and making plans for this year. Talking about it with my friend gave some new perspectives and helps me to keep thinking big and to see possibilities.

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