City trail and farmers market

This morning I talk with a few people back home and hearing all about the grey weather and stuff doesn’t make me to eager to go back in a few weeks. At the moment I feel like I could stay here a lot longer, but my savings account would disagree with that idea. It’s probably good to go back at some point. I get a text from my cousin this morning asking me if it wouldn’t be something for me to get a camper to travel around with. I thought about that last year, but didn’t go through with it, because it’s a lot of work and quite an investment. Reading the question this morning makes me think about it again. Traveling here makes me realize how much I love the freedom and adventure. I can work anywhere as long as I have internet and houses in the Netherlands are ridiculously expensive at the moment. All with all, perhaps it would make sense to get a mobile home instead. Maybe I’ll continue my research when I’m home. I think I’d prefer to convert an old schoolbus, because there is a lot more space in them than in normal vans. I would have to find out where you can buy one of those, how much they cost and how hard it is to get a driving license for a bus or truck to be allowed to drive it. I know people who’ve done it for a longer time and who were very excited about it. The idea sounds very romantic and like ultimate freedom. For sure it’s an uncommon lifestyle for most people, but it might be a great adventure as well.
I think about more in the bus to Old Town and trolly to Bankers Hill. It’s a nice sunny day again and I want to do the hike that I went on a few weeks ago. The Maple Canyon Trail in the valley under the two bridges. The hike is nice and during walking I’m thinking more about the vanlife idea. When I’ve walked the whole trail and am at the suspension bridge, I remember that a few people had recommended me to go to the farmers market at Ocean Beach which is there every Wednesday afternoon. So I take the bus to the same area where I was yesterday. The whole street is packed with market stands now and there is a relaxed summer vibe. There is a guy playing on a violin, some others are barbecuing and there are a lot of food stands. Also there are many stands with handmade jewelry, home grown vegetables and arts and crafts. I get myself a fresh fruit drink and walk around the market. When I take the bus back I hear a guy speak English with a familiar accent and I greet him in Dutch. He turns out to be close from where I live in the Netherlands and is here for his studies. We talk for a while in Dutch and he tells me that in order to fly back to the Netherlands you need to get a PCR test again and that it’ll cost 100 to 150 dollars. Good to know that so I can take that in account. To be honest, it annoys me that a few large companies make billions out of the pandemic. For a traveler it just adds unnecessary costs to the journey. Having that said, I’m learning more that life is partially about accepting things as they are and I’ll do that. I’m thankful that I can travel again anyway and I’m enjoying this adventure called Life.

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