Back to San Diego

I hear the ocean when I wake up. I put the alarm extra early, so I have time enough the pack my bags and can start driving on time. It’s about six and half hours to San Diego. I listen to an audiobook again, but sometimes turn it off to enjoy the last moments of the road trip. Around 11am I make my first stop to check my email. The message I was waiting for is in my inbox. Yesterday’s test was negative, so I’m good to go home. Somehow this last road trip has also prepared me to go home. I’m fine with it for now and will just look forward to new adventures to come. I make a stop at my familiar Starbucks and Walmart in Burbank. I buy a luggage scale to make sure my suitcase and backpack aren’t too heavy. For a moment I’m tempted to go for another drive through Hollywood, but when I look at the clock I think that it might not be the smartest plan. I won’t make the mistake again of underestimating LA traffic. It turns out that was a good choice, because there are a lot of cars on the road and driving goes slowly. I don’t mind at all, because I really enjoy being here. Time and time again I realize how much I love Los Angeles and Hollywood in particular. I’m don’t know completely why that is, but there is just something about this city. Perhaps it’s because here is where the movies are made and dreams are inspired. I’m quite sure I’ll come back to Hollywood someday. While driving in the freeway I hope that I get to see the Hollywood sign once more. When I look to my right I see the white letters on the mountain. It’s only for a brief second, but I appreciate seeing the sign again. Hiking up there was again definitely one of the highlights.
I say goodbye to Los Angeles for now and continue driving to San Diego. The road is busy as usual between LA and San Diego, but I manage to arrive at my hotel about half an hour before I need to return the car. I check in, drop off my luggage, fill up the car and return it at Hertz. I’ll miss this nice car and the great adventures it gave me. With about 4000 miles on the counter I think it was quite a trip for only two weeks. Maybe one day I’ll get myself a car like this. For now I’m thankful that I got to rent it.
As I walk back I see and hear the airplanes flying over. I’m looking up a hit to the long flight tomorrow. I hope that they’ll find a way to make flying a lot faster in the coming years. And if not, then I’ll keep flying anyway. It’s always worth the adventure.
I walk back via the waterside and decide to go for one last scooter ride back to the hotel. From there I go to my friend Brittany and print the document for my flight back home. After that we go out for dinner and drinks in a restaurant that Brittany found in South Park. It’s an area of San Diego that I hadn’t seen before and I like it. It’s quite hip with many local bars and restaurants. We have burgers for dinner, ending the vacation with typical American food. After dinner we walk a bit through the neighbourhood, but we don’t make it too late, because tomorrow the alarm clock will go very early. Back at my hotel I weigh my luggage and they’re well under 50lbs (23kg), so I don’t have to worry about that either.
I find it interesting to be at the same hotel as where I started this adventure several weeks ago. I told Brittany that I feel a bit like a different person than before this trip. She asked me what is different. I’m not completely sure, but I feel like a richer person. I have so many new experiences and memories inside me. So many wonderful moments that I cherish for the rest of my life. I am thankful for every day of this adventure. It has been wonderful and way better than I could have planned or imagined.

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