Traveler’s doubt

When I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, it’s the strongest: travelers doubt. At the moment that I just want the comfort of my bed, my mind comes up with questions. ‘Why are you doing it?’, ‘Why are you spending so much money on a roadtrip where you’ll be sleeping in your car?’ and ‘Why would you challenge yourself that way and getting uncomfortable if you could also easily stay home?’ When I’m half awake and just starting the day I don’t have answers on those questions. They usually come a bit later in the afternoon when I see a picture of the expansive nature or when I think of the people I meet during my journeys.

It would be a lot easier to just book an all-inclusive to Greece, sleep in a big hotel bed and have cold drinks by the pool, but that would not be an adventure for me. Or I could just stay at home and work six days a week like I’ve done most weeks in the last year, but that wouldn’t be an adventure either. Something in me wants the wide stretched landscapes of America. To sit behind the wheel of a car on a long road, listening to the radio and enjoying the breathtaking views. To hike in beautiful nature, see red rocks, enormous trees, high mountains and waterfalls.

A smile appears on my face as I write that last sentence. The doubt is real, but so are the answers. Every journey is a process of escaping the comfort zone. I wonder if it ever gets easy, but it sure helps a lot when you know why you do it.

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