Coffee, books and tea in Denver

When Jen and Jeff go to work in the morning, I drive to the cozy neighborhood Littleton. It’s one of my favorite areas in Denver and there is a great coffee place called Dirt. Last year when I was here, I worked at this coffee place for a full day. I don’t plan to work the whole day here today, but stay for a few hours to work. After that I get the idea to go thrift store book hunting. There are many thrift stores here in the city and I find a few ones with good books. An added benefit of this is that I get to see neighborhoods of Denver that I hadn’t seen before. I notice how there is a complete Mexican neighborhood with many Spanish street signs and stores. Later I hear from someone that a lot of Mexican people move here, because it’s relatively close to the Mexico. I also visit my favorite store in the city, Outdoor World, but they have changed the store a bit and somehow it’s less captivating than last time. It’s still nice to walk around though and I score a nice lumberjack shirt, they had one left in my size.
While I was at the coffee place this morning, the barista told me to also check out a tea house in Littleton and that’s what I plan to do the rest of the afternoon. The tea house is called IN-TEA and is wonderful indeed. The guy behind the counter is very friendly and tells me that they have 178 kinds of tea and that he’s well on his way to try them all. I get myself a tea called Colorado Snowday and really like it, it’s a uniquely flavored green tea. While I enjoy the tea I take some time to write and simply savor being in this nice place.
Around six in the afternoon I text with Jen to make plans for dinner, go to the grocery store and back home we make tacos. The tacos with reheated beans remind me of my camping trip with Matt last summer when he also made delicious burritos with reheated beans. We hang out and talk in the backyard the rest of the evening. I really like how it cools down here at night. It can be hot in the days, but the mornings and evenings are usually comfortably cool.

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