The Science Behind Pixar

I’m annoyed by the rain today. So far I didn’t mind it too much, but as I’m waiting at the bus stop fighting the rain and wind with my umbrella, I’ve had enough of it for a moment. It’s probably also the combination of the stress of house hunting and upcoming deadlines of work that make it a bit more challenging to keep laughing in the rain. Fortunately the bus comes soon and I’m on my way to the office. I try to work, but my head is distracted with the choice I have to make for the house to live in January and February. After a lot of doubting I decide to go for the house in North Vancouver that I visited as first yesterday. The people were really friendly and I have a good feeling about that one. It’s also closer to the forest and mountains, plus it has a big desk in the living room to work on. It feels good to have made a decision about this, now I don’t need to worry anymore about where to live next month.


Jackson Hole

This morning starts with some blogging and working again. I’ve come to realize that when I do it first thing in the morning and just a few hours that I don’t mind it so much. I have to work a bit, because the Dutch or European government came up with some new rules for websites and now some adjustments to be made on few of the websites that I maintain. It annoys me a bit, because I think governments shouldn’t make rules for the internet. Like the plans they have to monitor it all, I’m strongly against that. The internet a free place and it should stay that way. I think the problem with many governments is that they want to control everything. This has not so much to do with traveling, but I feel I had to get that out there. Anyway, not to get into trouble I’ll try to follow the rules and make the adjustments. After a double espresso and a cappuccino I’m ready to start driving around eleven in the morning. It’s about 4,5 hours driving to the town Jackson, which is in the South of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park. My plan is to go there today and travel through the National Parks back to the North to end up with my family in Montana as final destination for this journey.

It’s beautiful to drive through Montana. A little less spectacular than Washington state, but also here the views are very wide and endless.


Universal Studios

I didn’t sleep so well last night, probably because driving in Los Angeles before going to bed was quite intense. Nevertheless I feel rested when I wake up around eight in the morning. I get dressed and brush my teeth while thinking about what to do today. Then I see a friendly guy walking his dog and I ask him for advice. He tells me that Universal Studios might also be fun to visit and he also shows me where to take the tram to downtown. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do today, but the tram goes by Universal so I can still decide on my way there.

I drive to the Hollywood North metro station and park my car. I decide that I go to Universal Studios in the morning and then see what the day will bring.


Warner Brothers studios

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t know this day would be so exciting. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in Central Perk, the coffee place from friends. But let’s start at the beginning of the day.

I wake up around six o’clock when one of the guys goes outside for surfing. I grab my laptop and update my blog. Then I take a shower and drink a cup of coffee. The nice thing about being on a road trip is that you appreciate simple things like a shower much more. When I’ve packed my bag and said goodbye to me friends, I start driving downtown via highway 1.