The Science Behind Pixar

I’m annoyed by the rain today. So far I didn’t mind it too much, but as I’m waiting at the bus stop fighting the rain and wind with my umbrella, I’ve had enough of it for a moment. It’s probably also the combination of the stress of house hunting and upcoming deadlines of work that make it a bit more challenging to keep laughing in the rain. Fortunately the bus comes soon and I’m on my way to the office. I try to work, but my head is distracted with the choice I have to make for the house to live in January and February. After a lot of doubting I decide to go for the house in North Vancouver that I visited as first yesterday. The people were really friendly and I have a good feeling about that one. It’s also closer to the forest and mountains, plus it has a big desk in the living room to work on. It feels good to have made a decision about this, now I don’t need to worry anymore about where to live next month.

I call a friend to tell the news. As we’re calling, something else very nice happens, the sun breaks through the clouds and it becomes nice weather outside. The wind is still blowing hard, but everything looks so much more pleasant with just a bit of sunshine. I don’t mind the wind as much as the rain. “It’ll clean up the city”, a man on the street says and I smile. Even though I still have a lot of work to do, I decide to enjoy the moment and go for a walk. It’s very refreshing to walk outside in this storm and it gives me some peace of mind.

I walk to Science Center by the water where they currently have an exhibition on how Pixar movies are made. I saw the signs for it earlier this week and planned to visit it one of these days. It’s very interesting to see what technologies go behind all the animation movies and also to see some real world versions of the characters. Seeing the characters from Monsters Inc. reminds me of my visit to Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago. The exhibition is nice and it gives a good impression of how much work it is to create the Pixar movies.

Finally sunshine in Vancouver
Finally sunshine in Vancouver 2
Some facts about Pixar
A statue with some wisdom
Science World British Columbia
Create an animation
Obey your passiong - listen to your heart - follow your dreams
The Science Behind Pixar
Me with the characters of Monsters Inc

By the time I walk out of the museum it’s usual Vancouver weather again. It’s cloudy and dark outside. I decide to go back to a coffee place and work a little more for a while. I work until seven and then I’m so tired that it’s time to go home. I just miss my bus and since they only go once an hour, that’s a bit of a bummer. I’m thinking about buying a bike in January so I won’t be so dependent on public transport anymore. Since I’ll be home late tonight I think I’ll sleep in a bit tomorrow morning, there is no need to wake up at four every day. I’m glad I got the house challenge solved today and that I also saw more of the city and did quite some work. Being productive gives me a good feeling.

Wall-e and me
Sculpture of Ratatouille
Creating expressions on an animated character face
Create a stop motion movie
Pixars production pipeline
Byebye Pixar

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