House hunting

This morning starts with house hunting, because I only got a few days left in Vancouver before I go to my friends in America. I search on Facebook and Airbnb for a while until I find a few affordable places at good locations. I write messages to the house owners and quickly receive a reply from one of them. I call her up and arrange to visit the house this morning. I quickly eat breakfast and get ready to go. It’s about a 50 minutes walk from my current Airbnb, so not too far. It gives me the opportunity to discover the neighborhood a bit more.

When I arrive at the house I’m greeted by a friendly couple and the lady shows me the apartment. It’s in their basement and has a nice bedroom, living room and kitchen. There is a large tv with Netflix and a comfortable couch. I sit down and think by myself that I can see myself living here for a while. We talk about the price and it’s very reasonable. I like it. I tell them that I’ll let them know tonight or tomorrow though, because I have another visit to a different house later today. I think it’s good to look at a few places before making a decision. Nevertheless I’m excited about this place. It also makes me a bit nervous. I ask myself why I find this exciting and quickly realize that it’s because I’ll be committing myself for at least a month of really living somewhere and that just makes it more real. Where as I now still feel like a visitor, I’ll then be actually living here for a longer time. Then again, that’s what the plan for this adventure was, so it’s alright.


Later in the morning I go to my new office in the Starbucks Reserve again to do some work. I still like traveling with the sea bus, because it gives a nice view of the skyline of downtown Vancouver. Since it’s my third day in a row in this Starbucks, I’m starting to get recognized as a regular, I like it. I’m happy to have found this nice coffee place. After a few hours I get on the bus again to visit another house. This one is near Main Street, where I was a few days ago. It’s a bit further from the city center, but I like the neighborhood, because the houses are bigger. I meet the house owner in a coffee place and together we walk to the house. I really like this one, it’s more modern than the house of this morning and from here it would also be easier to bike to the city center, because I don’t have to cross the water. The guy has to consult his brother about the price and tells me he’ll text me tonight with an offer. If the price is right, I think I’ll go for this one. The day is not yet over though, because there is one more house on the planning for today. It about an hour walking from here, but that’s okay since I couldn’t visit it earlier anyway. Walking this much also helps me in the steps contest I got with my family and friends. I already got my 10.000 steps today and still some walking to do. While walking to the last house of today the houses are getting bigger and bigger and I wonder where I’m going now. The house is quite big indeed and shared with six people. A friendly guy shows me around and tells me more about the people that live there. There is a big kitchen and two living rooms. I like the idea of living with international people, but this house a bit more expensive and also further away from the city, so I’m not sure. This afternoon I got a message for another invitation for a house to view tonight, but I decide to cancel that one. I have enough to choose from now. On my way home I stop by a pub to get a burger and a beer for dinner. I think that’ll count as American kitchen for today’s dinner plan. The burger is disappointing, but the beer is nice. It helps to relax after an active day. Tomorrow I want to decide where I’m going to live in January.

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