Relaxed vacation day

On my second day here in San Diego I wake up around 3am. That’s already half an hour later than yesterday, so I think I’ll slowly get adjusted here. I don’t mind waking up that early actually, because it allows me to finish quite some work before the sun gets up. I help some clients, answer e-mails and call with one of my designer friends about a work project. I am really thankful to have a profession that I like and can do everywhere in the world where there is internet.


How to be happy during a pandemic

It’s been almost a year now since the world turned upside down and this situation brings different challenges to each of us. For some it’s loss of work, for others it’s being locked up in your home most of the day, and for many it has caused some level of anxiety for either our own health or that of loved ones. It’s doesn’t look like this situation is over any time soon, but life goes on anyway, so it’s important to make the best of this time as well. One of the main things I’ve learned from my parents is to enjoy life, so in this post I’ll share some of my methods to be happy during this strange time.


A friendly mountain town

At around 4AM I wake up when Adam is quietly walking into the kitchen / living room. He’s making coffee and getting ready to go to the gym. Back home I don’t know anyone who wakes up earlier than I do, but this guy apparently has the same mindset as I. “This is the only way to get ahead in life”, he says, “If I wanted to be average, I’d do average. There is a reason why I do what I do.” I smile and understand what he means. There are many people that say that they are not a morning person, but I believe that everyone can be a morning person if you want to and have a good reason to wake up on time. When you’re traveling it’s also nice to wake up early so you get the most out of your day. I download an app to show me the local sunrise, so I’ll be on time the coming weeks to take nice pictures.

After Adam leaves the house I first think about getting a bit more sleep, but since I’m already awake and slept for about eight hours, I figure that I can get up as well. I read the blog of yesterday another time before publicising, add some pictures and check my e-mail.